Welcome to Community Living Options

Community Living Options (CLO)  is a private, non-profit organization serving adults with mental illness, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities and / or substance use disorders throughout Kalamazoo County.

CLO provides these services through specialized residential homes, supported independent living programs and skill building day program services in southwest Michigan.


Community Living Options 626 Reed Avenue Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 (269) 343-6355

Fi's Corner

Spring 2014

The feel of warmer temperatures, the savory smells from a grill, the bright flowers beautifying the landscape, the sounds of a backhoe breaking ground,,, Yes, all the telltale signs that spring is finally here and here to stay! Let us bask in the wonderful weather and bountiful events unfolding around us and in front of us. It's a lovely time of year and we are all especially grateful considering how rather long and trying this past winter felt.

I want to take this time to acknowledge the efforts of the supervisors and support staff. CLO sets an annual target for 95% completion of staff trainings by June of the calendar year. Overall, CLO this year has a 97.8% completion! Broken out, our Day Program had 99.8%, Specialized Residential came in at 97.8% and Supported Living at 96.8%. Well done to all for exceeding this important benchmark! In making this benchmark, and with respect to the hard work and dedication by all whom work for CLO to find success in a budget challenged year, the board has passed support for a 3% salary increase for all employees beginning in June, as long as the prerequisites are met. Thank you to everyone as you focus on controlling expenses. There is still work to be done but we will stay the course and can't do it without you!

With all that in mind, June is CLO's Staff Appreciation Month and we always look forward to celebrating our staff and the fantastic job each of them do. Throughout the month there are celebrations including Hot Dog Pay Day as well as Popcorn Pay Day. This year, we look forward to the big picnic celebration on June 24th at Oshtemo Township Park. I'm sure a great time will be had by all! There will be many events available, a true opportunity for all of us to get together and enjoy some quality CLO family time. See you there!